Working with the Media

Trillium's media training programs are content rich, interactive, experiences that deliver immediate and lasting results. A key distinction of Trillium’s training is the fact that we are a full-service public relations firm, working with the media every day.

We’ll create a tailored program that deals with actual situations spokespeople will encounter and give them the skills they'll need to maximize opportunities and minimize the impact of bad news situations.

Trillium’s media training is a “learning by doing” experience that features realistic media interview simulations for television, print or radio. Participants receive simulated interviews that are recorded for future reference and critique.  Throughout the session participants are shown recorded examples of media coverage that demonstrates skills and techniques to emulate, as well as bad behaviours to avoid.

In addition to reviewing advanced techniques for preparing, managing, and following up media interviews, Trillium’s training devotes time to sharing techniques for creating quotable, convincing messages, answers to difficult questions and delivering them confidently in a variety of situations.


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